We are the human that runs the computer that runs the show!
any times in or lives we have people
we meet asking us this question;
-What do you do? This is the nature of
human curiosity to ask people we meet
and we cannot avoid to pop out this
question soon or latter in any conversation about the
nature of our work. - So, what did you said you really do?
The first response that come to my mind is to say that we
work in advertising just like the Madman on TV. But that
is such a broad answer since advertising are so many
things. So, to put our work into perspective, we can say
that we are a creation and development company special-
ized in scripting, design, filming, photography, deploying
and maintaining our client's branding assets being that a
product, service or information. BEARTCOMMUNICATIONS™
was founded in 1997 and since then we have created and
developed many works and projects, building the image of
our client's products and services in many areas. In
addition we advise our clients on the best hardware
and software available on the market Today. Our ex-
perience comes from the every day using and testing
these new applications. We will do the hard work so
our clients can benefit from our tests. We have an
especial choice and care for open source software and
we value the hard work of the creative minds that with
their collective work, gives great opportunity to small
oriented business just like us to thrive. Many of our
work wouldn't be possible without their development.
So, do we stop here! Absolutely not! Our experience
come from long time ago and since then we have
been evolving and assuming many roles, knowing that
our business are a boiling pan, always cooking new
creations where we have the great satisfaction to be
one of them.
A story and list of our research and testing is available by clicking on this link!
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